what are we thinking about????

i start the new year going into my second year in my new location .. I am officially a grandmother of two weeks . as i return back from the west coast , the town of Madison feels more and more like home..even in the deep of winter . That said, when people enter my store , they always comment that it feels more like New York , not so bad for a New Yorker who did grow up here at some point and has now returned .. New York has just always been

in my blood,.. and so it goes..

as a new yorker TYPE. it is something that constantly keeps me on the edge… curious about

what is next

what can i do to make things more exciting

how can i make this town more of a destination..

how can i show people how wonderful this place is

do i push my website

or do i continue to try and bring people out not in…

experience Madison

the people

: to bookstore the movie theatre: the walks o the beach: the cute village.:. the limited but good food and drinks..

the historical houses…

and connecticut.

not the one that sleeps by New York..

but the one that is closer to Yale New Haven…

Music theatre Art Architecture and a feeling of change

a city a shoreline .. an connecticut in transition .. and i am glad to say i am part of it …

THE DAILY NUTMEG is a constant pleasure in learning more simple well written and everyday a surprise

THE SHORELINE ARTS ALLIANCE continues to inspire the arts moving as they do .. slowly but committed


so much more and it is still winter.!

so even if it is January and bitter cold outside there is always a reason to venture out

hibernation is for people who have no choice and for the bears.//